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2021 Conference Session Topics

Subjects and descriptions – will be updated and posted as they are finalized. (Subject to Change)

Right Sizing Your Event – Vision Scaling

How do we generate fresh ideas for our events and scale them up or down to resonate with our audiences and maximize our operational effectiveness and overall success? We’ll cover tried and true ways to refine and communicate our vision, build resourceful teams, develop efficient processes, assess needs and outcomes, and ultimately energize our events and communities.

Sponsorship 360

This session will identify all partnership stakeholders, yes this includes you too. From family activities, VIP experiences, recap reports, and social media - you will return to your event with ideas and processes that you can implement no matter the size of your event or your fulfillment budget.

Inside A Successful Partnership

In this session we will dive into creating, managing, and keeping a partnership program fresh and effective. How to ensure that your property is appealing to sponsors and offers a clear alignment to meet their goals and objectives.

The Perfect Pair: How to build and maintain a successful sponsorship partner

A strategic sponsorship requires careful design and ongoing commitment to be successful. Partnerships that put themselves on cruise control run the risk of missing obstacles in the road and failing to see upcoming turns. On the other hand, partnerships that are committed to continuous review and improvement are able to effectively resolve issues and navigate change. They also have the ability to grow and deliver increasing value to both the event/festival and the partner. In this discussion we will uncover the key ingredients to creating the “Perfect Pair.”

Alternative Funding

Beyond Sponsorships! Alternative fundraising for your event including annual fund, grants, major gifts, and planned (legacy) giving.

What to expect when you are expecting a Band

You know you want to book live entertainment at your next Festival or event, but do you really know what all goes into securing your favorite act? Dive deep into the planning process of introducing live entertainment by covering topics such as booking, budgeting, staging, sound equipment and much more. Shift your knowledge in the world of live entertainment to NOT include unrealistic expectations without the budget!

Decorating Logistics: That’s a great idea, but what’s your plan and budget?

This session will guide you to analyze the logistics behind the great ideas that you have for your event while staying within budget, bringing to light various situations to consider behind the scenes.

Keeping Your Event Fresh with New Formats

Have you ever struggled to think of new ideas or reinvent the attendee experience to keep your event successful? In this session you will learn about successful strategies to attract new attendees while retaining your existing customer base

Shifting Trends in Festivals

How do you keep festival goers wanting to come back year after year? What will make your event stick out over other events? Join us for an innovative panel discussion on how to disrupt your normal event standards and stay ahead of the trends that are changing the world.

Texas Laws

Guns, Grounds, and Golf Carts

When Mother Nature Strikes

When Mother Nature comes to visit: What you might expect, are you ready, how should you respond, will the show go on and who makes that call.

Kids Programming

From tots to teens, keeping children engaged in your event is a goal for many planners. When developing your event, how do you make the children's area an experience that makes them want to come back again and again? Creating an exciting memory for kids can create lifelong event goers. Are you giving kids a passive experience or a kinetic one? Learn through examples of successful event activities and how to collect kids feedback.

Building KPI's

Can you improve what you can't measure? Festival and event organizations are increasingly asked to demonstrate both efficiency and effectiveness. Are you measuring the right things? How can Key Performance Indicators help you make better decisions? Our goal is to discuss festival and event strategic metrics that will improve our decision making and organizational success.







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