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Benefits & Services

Get an even greater value for your TFEA/IFEA membership investment by taking advantage of these local services and programs offered exclusively by TFEA.
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Professional Development

TFEA places a premium the exchange of ideas and offers several exciting programs to help events, and the professionals who manage them, continue their professional training and growth.

  • TFEA Annual Conference and Trade Show
  • Behind the Scenes Tours at Member Events
  • Texas Event Leadership Program and Texas Certified Festival Professional Designation
Members have the opportunity to earn professional certification through this award-winning training program offered by Texas A&M University's Agrilife Extension Service and co-sponsored by TFEA. The program, which takes 2-3 years to complete, provides an extensive curriculum of 25 core courses and 12 advanced electives.  Click Here for more detailed information on the TELP program.


  • TFEA Mystery Shopper Program

Even the best events can benefit from a fresh perspective. TFEA’s Mystery Shopper program will assemble a team of professional colleagues to attend and experience an event as a customer and submit an evaluation and critique to help that event improve. There is no charge for this service other than reimbursement of the evaluator(s) travel expense.  To request a Mystery Shopper please call the TFEA office at (830) 997-0741 at least 30 days prior to your event.

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A primary strength of the TFEA is the communication channel we create among our members. Our communication program is designed to share information about emerging event planning trends, create revenue opportunities, and update our members on upcoming events and opportunities.
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Recognition of Professional Excellence

TFEA strives to promote the professional standards and business practices of its members and continuously maintain its high code of conduct. The association prides itself on recognizing and rewarding cutting-edge ideas and the professional men and women who work in this exciting industry.
  • KALIFF Zenith Awards Each year TFEA honors the brightest and best in its annual Marketing Awards Contest. Entries from our members are judged by a panel of industry experts and awards are presented in over 50 categories. Applications for TFEA 2017 Marketing & Communications Awards are available here!
  • TFEA Hall of Honor Award As TFEA’s highest honor, this award inducts those who have exceeded the expectation of those around them and shined brightly as an example of dedication, Integrity and professionalism.
  • Professional of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Vendor of the Year At the Annual Conference, three members are recognized for their tireless service and exemplary commitment to their events, clients and to our Association. Applications for TFEA 2017 Professional Award Nominations are available here!
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Strategic Partnerships

In addition to supporting our membership from within, the Texas Festivals and Events Association,  represents its members by creating partnerships and channels of communication to external audiences.
  • Legislative Monitoring  Working in partnership with its other association and travel industry partners, TFEA monitors any legislation that impacts the festivals and events industry.  Members are kept abreast of potential legislative changes by email alerts.
  • Media Clearing House TFEA understands the value of positive media coverage of our member's events and strong communication about the value these events have on the economy of Texas.  The TAF&E office serves as a clearing house for media calls, sharing leads with its members and providing requested data to qualified journalists.
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Would You Like to Become a Member?

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