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Texas Event Management Institute

Quality festivals, fairs, and events are among the most successful tools available to communities, states, regions and even countries to increase tourism, create powerful and memorable branding and imaging opportunities, bond people together, encourage positive media coverage, enhance economic impact, and add to the quality of lives for those who live there.

On the other hand, a poorly planned, managed and executed event can have a reciprocally opposite effect.

Over time, events themselves have changed; from often informal affairs to spectacular productions, requiring new sets of skills, experience, creativity, financing, planning and leadership. As a result, event management has evolved into a business and an industry, with new demands, challenges and expectations every day; from attendees / participants; sponsors, host communities and a plethora of other partners that the success of any event depends on.No other investment is more important for the sustained success of a festival, fair or event than to assure the continued professional growth, education and development of their staff, boards, and key volunteers.

Presented in partnership by three of the premier professional organizations in our field – the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA World), the Texas Festivals and Events Association (TFEA), and The Texas Association of Fairs and Events (TAFE) - the Texas Event Management Institute is designed around the concept of bringing new and mid-career industry professionals, and key volunteers together with some of the most highly respected and experienced professionals in our industry, for a comprehensive educational and networking opportunity that will cover the critical basics of successful event management.

TEMI FastTrack 1 Webinar Course Descriptions

Click to view the thirteen (13) courses offered from June 2020 to April 2021.
Next round will be offered again from November 2021- October 2022


Click to view the fourteen (14) courses which will be offered from June 2021 - November 2021.
8 of the 14 courses are offered in person at the 2021 Pre-Conference, in San Antonio.

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The Program

The Texas Event Management Institute (TEMI) professional education program was created to serve the needs of Texas (and other) event professionals, currently in or aspiring to careers in the event management field. The program is designed to be completed in three years. It is presented, in parts, at the TFEA Annual Conference and Trade Show (each July) and at designated Regional and Behind-the-Scenes Workshops throughout the year.

The Texas Event Management Institute is part of the IFEA’s Certified Festival & Event Executive (CFEE) professional certification program, with parallel tracks to the IFEA’s Event Management School and CFEA educational requirements.

The Rewards

Upon successful completion of the Texas Event Management Institute program, enrollees will earn the designation as a “Certified Festival & Event Associate” (CFEA), the first phase toward future attainment of your ‘Certified Festival & Event Executive (CFEE)’ designation through the IFEA, which recognizes an industry-focused combination of top-level experience and continued professional education. For those looking to earn them, Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) and Certificates of Completion will be awarded by South Texas College for all training sessions.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who produces any type of special event, festival, fair, conference or convention.
  • Current mid-management event staff looking to broaden their knowledge base while enhancing their professional networks.
  • Cities, Parks and Recreation Departments, Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitor Bureau, and Non-Profit Organization staffs who produce and/or work with local events.
  • Theme Parks, Promoters, Show Producers, Agents, Entertainment Buyers.
  • Staff who produce and/or work with local events.
  • Those new to the Event Management field.
  • Event Management students looking to strengthen their professional resumes.
  • Key event volunteers looking to expand their capabilities.
  • Someone looking for inspiration, creative imagination, and innovation.


Texas Event Management Institute instructors are selected from the top IFEA and TFEA event management professionals in our industry today.


There is a one-time administrative fee of $150 per member registrant to track the registrants progress through the courses. Anyone enrolled in the former TELP (Texas Event Leadership Program) does not have to pay the fee again. Fees are paid to the Texas Festivals and Events Association upon entering the program.

All course fees are included in the cost of attendance at the TFEA Annual Conference and Trade Show and at designated Regional and Behind-the-Scenes Workshops throughout the year, as may be applicable.

For more information on the Texas Event Management Institute, contact TFEA Executive Director, Kay Wolf, at kay@tfea.org or by calling 830-997-0741.

The Curriculum

The Texas Event Management Institute’s curriculum was created with the goal of providing a strong basic understanding and awareness of the multiple, critical, components involved in event planning and management, as defined by current and active professionals in the field. Curriculum components are regularly revisited to keep pace with the rapidly changing expectations, trends & issues of our industry.

Note: The Texas Event Management Institute curriculum is not targeted at the corporate meeting planning niche of our industry, but rather, the outdoor public event sector. There are 27 courses in the TEMI curriculum (all courses are mandatory to complete the program). The curriculum is divided into a three (3) year rotation. Classes will be offered at the TFEA & TAFE Annual Conference and Trade Shows (each year) and at designated Regional and Behind-the-Scenes Workshops throughout the year. Currently TAFE offers 6 classes at the TAFE Conference in January. TFEA offers a FastTrack Program at the TFEA Conference in August (13 courses one year and 14 courses the next year). This rotation will continue. Webinars are being planned to add 3 courses each year.
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